BuildSpective Access & Mobility offers specialized services as both a medical provider and construction management firm.  We work closely with homeowners, insurers, third-party administrators, legal teams, medical staff, general contractors and related stakeholders to scope and implement accessibility solutions in residential and commercial spaces.  Our approach considers the unique needs of individuals experiencing mobility challenges.  We customize our solutions to address our clients' specific needs with safety, independence and positive outcomes top of mind.  We thrive on building and maintaining positive, responsive, cost-effective relationships with our clients.  By leveraging our diverse experience in construction, medical and technology fields, we have a unique ability to develop insightful solutions for our clients.

Our Services Include

Home Modifications / Platform Lifts / Stair Lifts / Overhead Ceiling Lifts

Modification Assessments / Construction Project Management

Expert Witness / Mobility Equipment Sales & Installation

Stair chair lift
Image by Bruno Aguirre
Prosthetic Leg
Design Sketch Desktop
Wheelchair Accessibility_1
Empty Wheelchair In The Hallway For The Disabled
Shower With Glass Door
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